ME ME ME ME ME (isabella_) wrote in funkyfelts,

It's stocking time!

Hey everyone!

Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up that I'm going to be stocking some stocking stuffers on Wednesday! I'm HOPING I'll have the preview up tomorrow sometimes but meanwhile I'm sharing the goods HERE!

Basically its a oldie but goodie stocking...everything I've sold before has been really popular or was a super cute custom that I've done before that I loved doing. I will be stocking:

Brown footballs (2)
Green/gold football
Orange/brown football
Blue swirls ball
Green swirls ball
Elmo ball
Black ball with hot pink polka dots
Jack Skellington ball
Monkey ball (so cute check him out in my gallery!)
Pablo ball (Backyardigans)
Purple/blues ball
Red Specks ball
Skull and cross bones ball IF I can get him done and it looks good

Along with four custom spots! I'm willing to take some custom orders in front of those if you ask me super duper nice lol.

Link to my store (nothing new there yet, stocking is Wednesday I'll post again when the preview is up:

Link to the gallery to check out all the cool stuff!

I have the WAHM slot in clothdiapering on Wednesday too so look out for me there :)
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