ME ME ME ME ME (isabella_) wrote in funkyfelts,

Hi everyone!

Well I've been working on a few new items :) Introducting the...(insert drumroll!)

Felted Princess Hat! (Black wizard hat with stars is next on the list)

title or description

And here is my little gal modeling cheesing it up for a picture She isn't really stretched I couldn't get the size right :)
title or description

And felted baby BOOT-ies! (those are not the actual ties, just used for the felting process, I haven't decided what kind of ribbon or what not to use)

title or description

What do you guys think? I haven't priced them yet so if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them. Just for fun here are the pics of those itmes pre-felted. I knit them HUGE in order to allow for the shrinkage, lol. I thought they looked pretty funny :)

This is a HUGE easel and it takes up the whole thing
title or description
My cell phone for perspective...they are both the same size, just pictured funny
title or description

I'm also going to stock some more soap as well as a custom soap spot. Felted soap is GREAT! Those little hands can hold on to them with ease! The washcloth is "built in". It also makes bath time fun for the kiddos. I'll be offering a custom felted soap spot or two (you pick soap and the wool colors).

Lastly the usual...balls! A couple of footballs and regular balls. Let me know if there are any designs you'd like to see :)

I SHOULD be stocking next week, barring any unforseen circumstances.

Have a great day!
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