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funkyfelts's Journal

Funky Felts!
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Welcome to Funky Felts!

My name is Samara and I am a SAHM momma to a wonderful 2 year old little girl (with thoughts of a 2nd not far away!) My goal is to provide to you creative and unique felted items at affordable prices.

Thank you for joining the Funky Felts! community. I will be offering discounts and clearance here FIRST! Please check out my hyena cart store as well (just click the banner).

All items are made from dry needle felting, wet felting, or a combination of both. Some items (balls for instance) may have different materials than the outside. I use organic wool roving for the internal portions of items and mostly Peace Fleece for the outside color portions. Some of my initial products do use another outside wool I obtained from Jo-Ann's. I will only use Peace Fleece in the future. I generally create balls with a little bell inside but I do offer without the bell as well.

The sizes of the balls varies but I try to make them around 2.5-3 inches wide which is a "regular" sized ball. If they come out smaller or large I adjust the price accordingly.

I offer first class, priority, and international shipping.

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