ME ME ME ME ME (isabella_) wrote in funkyfelts,

Going to Hyena Cart

Hi Everyone!

Well my Hyena Cart is finally set up!

I've listed tons of wool balls including one Jack Skelling ball by request! I have plans on listing a wool snake, a witch, and a bowl. There is a free lottery as well! If you win the lottery and you are a member of this community I will UPGRADE your free ball to a you pick all EVERYTHING, the sky is the limit.

Of course I will still announce things here first and list any deals going on as well.
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That looks amazing!
Thank you!
I do want to get the Jack ball soon. I hope you make more of them if someone beats me to it!
Of course!!! Just ask when you are ready! He seemed like a good idea so I went ahead and made him.
Thank you. I will definitely get more from you. My son loves playing with them! I think that they are a great toy for a baby who is learning how to hold things and experience textures! :)